Welcome to Silver Firs!

☼ Welcome to Silver Firs Farm ☼
☼ Vegan soaps and hand-poured Soy candles. ☼

There is a place on earth where the snow was always blinding white and fell in vast
fields of emerald green trees.
Where summers were warm, shoulders tanned brown, and noses freckled just so.
Where the smells of a farm mingled with a faint ocean breeze and the delightful sounds
of new life were everywhere.
Where fall storms would blow warm winds, whipping into the branches – and flashes of
lightning would light up the skies.
Where tulips and daffodils bloomed through the frost and acres of lush green greeted you in the spring.

This place was magic. This place was Silver Firs Farm. A 5 acre slice of heaven with cows, goats, chickens, and rows of frost kissed Christmas trees. This was my childhood; blessed with the riches of nature. Now I can bring that nature to you in the form of luxurious soaps and delicious scented candles.

☼ All products sold at Silver Firs Farm are Vegan. Our soaps contain no Lard or tallow, and we use cruelty free/conflict free oils. We use NO Palm oil.

☼ Our candles are 100% soy wax (98% soy wax and 2% soy based additive) – which burns cleaner and longer than petroleum based waxes, and our wicks are cotton.

Our Bath and Body products are vegan friendly. That means no lard, no tallow, and milks in only specific bars (which will be clearly labeled as containing milks). This is a company policy we are proud of, and promise to adhere to. We believe there are not only suitable, but superior substitutions for animal based products on the market and we enjoy utilizing them and sharing them with you.

We NEVER test on animals, only friends.


About me:

My name is Kristin Brandt, and I am a mother of two with a wonderful husband, living in Northern Utah. I was born and raised in Washington state but we moved here for my husbands job and I have learned to embrace it. Soap, bath & body, and candles have been a passion of mine for years, but I never quite had the time or money to invest in learning how to create them from scratch. I now devote every spare minute of my day (after being mom!) to learning new techniques, testing and perfecting recipes, and producing the best quality products I can. The purpose of this blog will be to share new products, post reviews of new products from my test panels, share recipes, and announce show dates and locations. I hope you enjoy reading about soap and soy candle making as much as I enjoy sharing!

-Kristin B


2 responses to “Welcome to Silver Firs!

  1. Hi Kristen,

    Thanks for sharing of yourself, interests, and your life. I have looked over your whole site and maybe I have somehow missed it. I was watching your youtube video for making liquid castile soap and the recipe for this was said to be on your blog site. Can you point out where I could find the recipe for liquid castile soap or better yet drop me an email with the recipe? Thanks, Rebecca

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