Poor sick kid!

Is there anything worse than a sick child? My poor son has been sick to his stomach all day long. I hate not being able to do anything to make him feel better… its probably when a parent is at their most helpless. No blog today, gotta focus on the ankle biter- but coming soon will be a detailed list of our fragrances and I will, to the best of my ability, explain EXACTLY what they smell like… because we all know simply listing the name wont do much for you on the internet.

Other big news: I’m hoping to now do the Eden farmers market in addition to the Ogden one. Details coming soon, but the basics are that it will be Saturdays starting in May, which is very nice not only for the cooler weather but it extends my market season from only July-Sept to May-Sept and then into holiday shows. Thats a big deal! Lets hope it works out. Its a bit of a drive but it looks fun, new, and very folksy/townsy, hopefully just the right crowd to appriciate a good hand poured soy candle and some real old fashioned soap.


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