Jiggly, Wiggly, Jello Soap!

I made two batches of soap day before yesterday… a Coffee and cream with real coffee grounds for gentle exfoliation; and one I am calling “modern male” which is a blend of a clean cotton smell and ocean breeze… it sounds funny but it came out so amazing. The swirls on modern male were not up to my standard so it wont be for sale but I consider the test of the scent a success, and so eventually it will be in the line.

Today, as a fun project with the kids, I attempted Jello Soap. Lush has something like this, called Shower Jellies. I find them pretty overpriced for how long they last, so when I found this YouTube video I was excited to try it!

As you can see in her video, you will need:

1 pkg gelatin (unflavored. I found it right next to the regular jello in the store)
1 tsp table salt
1/2 cup liquid soap (I made two batches, one with Johnson’s baby wash and one with my own handmade liquid soap)
3/4 cups boiling water
optional: color, fragrance (I would suggest no more than 1-2%).

I microwaved some distilled water in a large glass Pyrex measuring cup, added in my salt to the boiling water, and then poured it over my gelatin in a glass mixing bowl, stirring to dissolve. When it dissolved I added the soap and then poured it back to my measuring cup and added a few drops of liquid dye. We found some great little silicone heart ice cube trays at Target in the dollar section so I poured half red into those and then added some blue and did another tray of purple for my son and daughter using the Johnson’s baby wash… they are clear and really cute, not ready to unmold yet after 30 min in the fridge though. I am going to assume its best to give them at least 90 minutes to set up in the fridge before trying to unmold.

I also made some square aqua colored ones using my mini brownie pan, and my handmade liquid soap. They came out opaque!

I can see all kinds of fun things being possible with this soap! you could create layers of color by pouring, letting that solidify, and pouring again… You could put chunks of different colors in to create a jello mold type of look… the possibilities are endless and its a lot of fun. You wont see me selling this obviously because I don’t think it would stay at room temperature very well and certainly wouldn’t ship… but it is a fun project the kids can help with safely and enjoy! It makes bath time just that much more fun.

Remember that the dye can discolor your tub if left just sitting for long periods of time. It wont hurt anything if used up but don’t leave it just sitting on the edge for days. The benefit of using these small molds is one little heart is the perfect amount of soap per kid, so there is no need to worry about storing it. Just keep them in a mason jar or container in your fridge and pull one out per bath! I would give these a shelf life of no more than 1 month.

Here they are! They turned out great… they lather up really nice, the kids are so excited for bath time!

The green/aqua one is my handmade castile soap, the pink and purple ones are Johnsons baby wash. Both lather up really nicely, and I would say you could get 4-5 hand washes out of each one… but once they are submerged in water they start breaking up really quickly.


 Have Fun! Happy Soaping -Kristin


3 responses to “Jiggly, Wiggly, Jello Soap!

  1. This is awesome. With your natural soap at least idea. I was looking at your home made recipe on youtube just a bit ago and I was actually looking at your posts trying to get down to that one, but this looks like so much fun too lol

    • Hi Brittany, sorry I just saw this! They soften quite a bit at room temp but they don’t completely melt. They should keep a few weeks in the fridge if kept in a sealed container.

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