Bubble Bars and cupcake Bath Bombs!


I’m working my bum off on packaging… I need to know the cupcakes and bubble bars will ship to you intact, it would be no fun to receive a broken one! I am actually thinking about purchasing real cupcake trays, clamshell style, from the bakery! And although I love the round shape of these bubble bars, I found some great clamshells from The Sage that might work really well for the bubble bars and they are not too expensive, so they wont affect the cost of the bars much at all.

Whats great about the bubble bars is they are two baths worth, versus a bath bomb or bath bomb cupcake where you only get one use. The glycerin content accelerates the bubbling of the SLSA, so half a bar is enough to give you a really luxurious bubble bath. Its like being a kid again, but with grown up scents 🙂

These particular bars are scented love spell, its SO lovely. The Cupcake bath bomb is scented buttercream for the “cake” part and Georgia Peach for the “frosting”. The frosting contains shea butter, and SLSA, so its not like those old ones that just popped off and floated in the tub like a ducky.. these actually dissolve and foam right along with your bath bomb. Cant wait to get them listed!


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