What is Milled Soap?

Silver Firs Farm is proud to announce the launch of our new milled soap line. It will officially debut at the Oh Sweet Sadie spring boutique April 29th and May 1st, and be available in our shop for online purchase from that point forward.

So, what is milled soap?

Milled soap, aka French Milled Soap, is basically our regular cold process soap, processed twice. That is the simplest way for me to put it. We make a giant 10 pound batch of cold process soap, using all the luxurious oils in our regular soaps (and more!) and let that process in the normal way. We mix it, leave it unscented, pour it into a giant mold, it heats and saponifies, cools for 24 hours, turns solid, and then we cut it into giant logs. If this were to be left as cold process soap we would cut it into bars and let it cure (dry out) for 6 weeks. Instead, we hand shred the soap, place it into a giant pot, and “cook” it. This brings the soap back into a semi melted state, where it forms a giant melted mass but still has viscosity. You cant pour it like a liquid, but it is easy to stir.

Now that its easy to stir, we can add in all kinds of ingredients which may be damaged by the saponification process, because it wont go through that stage a second time. Fragile essential oils, fragile oils like carrot and avocado, luxurious butters, and fresh botanicals can be mixed in to create a custom bar… as well as milks.

An example of a milled soap we are so excited about is our new “chocolate milk” bar. We combine real cocoa powder, chocolate fragrance oil, and goats milk to create a happy swirled bar that looks like a tall glass of chocolate milk and smells even better. The goats milk feels fantastic on your skin and the fragrance lasts for hours, leaving you feeling delicious and smelling delicious too!

Why are milled soaps better?

Now now.. I didnt say they are better! But, some people do. Why do some people think they are better? Density. Milled soaps are processed twice, which removes more water from the soap and compacts it even further. A milled soap bar, depending on the quality (remember, not all “handmade soap” is the same…) will last longer than a cold process soap bar due to the technique of processing, and so is priced a bit higher. Also, for the reason I mentioned above… they require less fragrance to achieve the same impact, and you can use ingredients which would normally be destroyed or altered by the soap making process.

Personally, I don’t think one is “better” than the other. There are colors, swirls, and designs I can create with cold process soaps that I cant with milled soaps, but there are oils I cant use in cold process soaps that I can in milled. Milled Soaps have a more rustic appearance as well, which is off putting to some customers who are more accustomed to store bought soaps, or cold process soaps that are smoother. Milled soaps are a fun, nice way for us to offer the best of both worlds, and leave it up to you to decide which is your favorite!

(pics in the morning when its light!)


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