Happy Mothers Day!

I know this is a day early, but tomorrow is mothers day for me too, and – its my birthday too! So I promised myself that tomorrow would be all play and relax, and no work.

What mothers day means to me is so much more than flowers, chocolates, and cards. Its really not about ANY of that, mothers day for me is about spending time with those women in your life who got you where you are. My mom is truly one of those people who will do anything to make sure the people around her are happy, healthy, and doing well. She gives more than anyone I know, and I would never be a successful person, nor a successful business owner if I didnt have her in my life.

At the end of this summer, she is moving to Hawaii – a WELL deserved change in her life, and I am sad that I do not get to spend this mothers day with her, but so excited that maybe that means next year we will spend it as a family in paradise!

Today, because my husband has to work tomorrow, we are celebrating all day, both my birthday and mothers day. We went out to breakfast, we are having a delicious lunch of brie, baguette, and smoked salmon… and just begging to be grilled are some freshly cut tenderloin steaks, Maine lobster tail, fresh picked corn. As if that wasnt enough, we’re baking some potatoes and I made some chocolate dipped strawberries. A ridiculously amazing meal awaits us, all courtesy of Winco’s great prices, and its so lovely outside we might even sit by the fire tonight. I really dont think my mothers day/birthday celebration could be any better… and its all thanks to my amazing husband, and beautiful children.

Tomorrow? Bath Bombs, Clean Slate Sugar Scrub, and a massage using my Clean Slate Body Butter! Cant wait!

Happy mothers day everyone, I hope you truly enjoy it!



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