Shaving Soaps

Wow. Thats really all I have to say about shaving soaps! I’ve never used a clay shaving soap, and I cant say I believed it was going to make all that much of a difference… but I was wrong! It makes a thick, rich lather that really clings to your skin. It also adds slip, so the blade glides instead of drags- pretty important when you are shaving!!

I am infamous for having those awful little red dots all over my legs every time I shave. Whether its the shaving cream, the blade… I never knew, but its something I’ve lived with for my whole adult life. After using a shaving soap, I can honestly say never again! My legs are smooth, and the little red dots are gone, even though I used the same razors I always have.

So, here they are! My first shaving bars. The first I am calling beachy keen. Its a light tropical beach scent, its a hint of sea salt, a tiny touch of pina colada, and a hint of suntan. Nothing too heavy, light and airy like a day in the sun. It is a sweet scent that my husband says is tolerable for males, but really I made it with ladies in mind.

On the more Unisex front.. we have Aloe and Cucumber. A fresh, bright scent more cucumber but with the touch of cool aloe. Men who have tested it on their faces have RAVED about the lather and the slip that it adds. We tested it with a straight razor, as well as a multi blade razor, and they both showed great improvement!

Clay is also really beneficial to the face, so I will be developing a facial bar. I’m testing different oils for their effect on skin. I’d like to develop something that is of course, not going to clog pores… but will leave your skin feeling dewey and soft, and contain great oils like carrot seed known for their skin benefits. I will keep everyone updated!


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