Discovery Days

Thank you everyone for making our second time at Discovery Days a success!! We will be back next year for sure.

The best sellers of the show were Plumeria Whipped Body Butters and Plumeria scented perfume oils, as well as Plumeria Candles. Plumeria was a HUGE hit! Candles in general were selling well, soaps did well too. Bath bomb cupcakes were popular, but didnt sell as well as expected. Bath bombs as always were a very popular item. Lip Balms were slow, but anyone who tried them did walk away with some. Soy wax crayons were well recieved, however I failed to put out the testers and a coloring book- I can only imagine we might have sold more had I done that.

The suprising hit with the crowds was my new mineral makeup lip balms! They are sheer and lovely, but can be layered for a lipstick look. Every woman who tested them loved them, and I will surely be making more colors and introducing them online soon!

The items most requested by market-goers was spray home fragrance, thinner lotion (versus body butters) and beeswax candles.

Thanks again to everyone who shopped with us, visited with us, and were willing to listen and learn some new things!


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