Christmas in July?

No, I didnt do a Christmas in July Sale. The main reason is that my stock is getting a bit low from a large show I did in July, and because that show was 900 miles away from home I knew I couldnt handle all of the shipping while out of state. I am preparing for Christmas in July, however.

Cold process soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure. Hot Process I let dry for 4 weeks as well, add milled to that mix as well.  As we know, soap gets better with age. The longer its allowed to sit and “cure” the more water is expelled and the more firm the soap becomes. I’m hoping to be very busy in the months before Christmas with custom candle, and soap orders. I’ll be offering full and half loaves up for sale for people who want to use them in gift baskets or to give as gifts to friends, so to keep myself free and clear for that I need to get started on some holiday soaps now.

So far our “fall” scents will be:
Spiced Pumpkin Pie (Real pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and goats milk make up this creamy natural fragrance free bar)
Pumpkin Pie Slices (In the SHAPE of pumpkin pie, this will have a “crust”, pumpkin pie filling, and whip cream)
Pomegranate (a creamy cold process bar with the fresh crisp scent of pomegranate fruit)
Apples and Oak (a cold process bar, crisp apples, woody oak, and a hint of oak moss. Like a day in the orchard!)

I may add more or keep it simple with these four choices.

Our *holiday* scents will be, of course the fall scents, and also:
Chocolate Bundt Cake (in an actual bundt pan, chocolate “cake” with white drizzles of frosting)
Purely Peppermint/Candy Cane (hot process soap with ribbons of red like a candy cane!)
and maybe more…

these will all be available in candles, as well.. in fabulous gift boxes ready for gift giving. Joy to the world!


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