Preparing for Valentines

Hey… its not that long away! We’re prepping for valentines day with some extra special treats.

To soak:

Bath Truffles, Bath Bombs, and Bath Salts… pamper her (or yourself…) with a nice warm bath!

To wash:

Beer Soaps,ย  6 new fragrances!! Bonus, we did 6 new shaving beer soaps right along with it. We whipped in kaolin clay to give these shaving soaps tons of lather and slip, for a nice clean close shave- what inspires closeness more than that?

For your lips:

Lucious kisses lip sets, a lip scrub and a lip balm- the perfect pair for long nights of smooching! Bonus, our sugar lip scrub is 100% delicious and edible. You just rub it on, and lick the sugar off. Yum! Apply a bit of balm and honey, you’re ready to go!

For him:

Did I mention those beer soaps? Men ADORE beer soaps! The novelty is fun for them, and aside from that they are high quality handmade soaps, whats not to love? We will have a limited edition gift set of six of our beer soaps for a very affordable price. We will also have shaving soap sets, which will include not only two shaving soaps of your choice but a high quality, made in the UK, synthetic (vegan friendly) shaving brush.

keep your eyes peeled, its all coming soon!



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