Silver Leaf Vase – Faux Mercury Glass Look

I LOVE Mercury glass. Love. It has come back into popularity in the recent years, causing prices on real antique/vintage mercury glass to jump. And of course you can buy faux mercury glass from pottery barn and such, but wow.. $50.00 for a candle holder doesnt fit my budget.

So perhaps my dream of a big collection of it is not going to happen… but no concern, I can take cheap (even dollar store glass) and transform it with inexpensive silver leaf into something beautiful, functional, and not so precious I cant keep it in my home around my two children.

Yesterday, I showed you how I used silver leaf to create some fun pop-art for my dining room. Using the same supplies (because there was plenty left over!) We’ll do a vase today!

First, I cleaned the vase and wiped the outside with rubbing alcohol for a clean, perfectly spot free finish. (I am leafing the OUTSIDE of the vase so it is still able to be used with flowers). Next I did a thin coat of our silver leaf adhesive, and waited for it to go from milky white to clear. This took about 35 minutes with the glass, versus the 5 minutes it took with the paper mache.  Its ok if its not perfect, just make sure you got adhesive on every part.



As you can see from the photos, I “dabbled” the silverleaf on. I held the sheet in my hand and “patted” with my hand, lifting up and down over and over to create layers of silverleaf and trying to avoid any corners/straight lines.  I used my hand to rub the layers down and remove any excess, the adhesive is so good that not alot falls off, but keep in mind any silver that touches the adhesive is there to stay!

Finished! (click images to enlarge)




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