Wool Felted Soaps – WOW!

I’ve seen wool felted soaps all over etsy, and marveled over them- but assumed it was difficult and perhaps very time consuming. Well, it is the latter, but difficult it is not- especially when you have beautiful materials and delicious soaps to work with!

With spring in mind, I searched etsy (of course my first stop!) for bright easter type colored roving and I came across Curly C’Ewes. (how cute is that name, btw?). She has a FABULOUS selection, and equally fabulous prices! I couldnt believe the amount of roving I got for my money, and how beautiful and bright the colors were! They are just as pretty as in the pictures.

I’ve already made four soaps, alas… those four soaps took me over an hour, but I’m learning. Really this is a fabulous way to get out some stress… rubbing and squeezing the soaps over and over for 15 minutes each, its an arm workout too!! In all reality, this is something I can see myself doing in the evening while I watch some TV. Yes it requires a bowl of hot water, a towel, some space.. but nothing my coffee table cant handle, and I am a “busy” person, I like to have something in my hands while I’m sitting. ADD? yeah probably.

Here are the four soaps I got done today! The trio of three smaller soaps (2oz each) are Honeysuckle Jasmine, in Curly C’Ewes Pinky Pink, Kelly Green, and Aqua blue. And the larger soap is a mix of all three! I havent used the grey yet but I’m looking forward to creating some faux stone looking soaps out of those! This really is so fun and with a wide selection of colors there is no limit to what someone could create.

I highly suggest anyone who felts soap to check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/carlicarla, I know I’ll be placing another order before long for more colors! and keep an eye on my shop for felted soaps being listed soon!


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