Have Hope, Spring will come

Right about January I always get the same dreadfull pit in my stomach. Spring is too far away to feel “almost here” and the holidays are over, leaving me somewhere inbetween. Snowed in, full of cabin fever, and nowhere to go. This nasty stretch of time is about 6 months I like to call “the winter”. Before that… I’m so absorbed with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the new year, planning the holidays, making gifts, filling orders… that I barely even notice the weather or season.

We’ve had a mild year for snow (which is more than the east can say, I’m thankful for that) but its been dreadfully cold most of the winter, so cold you dont want to even think about taking a walk to get some fresh air, for fear that fresh air will take the life right out of your lungs- and to top it off this is our first year with a child in school. Getting the car warmed up, and two kids dressed fed and bundled for 10* air –  in the car and ready to go at 7:45 every morning has proven to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. And imagine that… having a kid in school means he brings home all those germs from school… and we’ve been sick ALL winter. I’m a soap maker! We’re fond of soap! no amount of hand washing would stop this wave of illness we’ve felt all winter long. We got smacked down by cold after cold after cold.

So as you can imagine, I’m craving, praying for, calling for, begging for spring.

Yesterday it was a BALMY 54*, so we bundled up and headed down to the bike path. The Ogden bike path is one of the things I love most about Ogden. It weaves through the city but you never feel like you are in the city. Its surrounded by lush plants and trees, has plenty of parks and open grassy spaces for playing fetch with the pup or letting the kids get some energy out on a playground, its paved and wide so you can walk and ride bikes without fear of running anyone down, and it runs along the river- so it remains a bit cooler in the summer and shaded. We were only out for an hour and a half but that small amount of time really recharged us all. It felt so good to be enjoying the outside again.

Today its 57* but sunny, it feels warm even though it really isnt… but I’ll take what I can get. I went out front to peek at my flower beds and see how they fared. I’m planning on planting another 6-8 lavender bushes to go along with the many I already have… and poking out between the leaves, bark, and tiny branches from our tree…. TULIPS. My tulips are starting to come up, my dafodils are already 6″ tall! I know the blooms are still weeks away, but just that small sight of green poking up through the brown dirt was enough to brighten my spirits!


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