Repurposed Cabinet

I have a big blank space in my bedroom above my desk I have not been able to fill. Art doesn’t seem to work, because I already have art on the wall behind my bed. A mirror would be OK, but the scale of the mirrors I have sitting around are off. What I really needed was some organizational tools. Somewhere to hang my calendar, pop a pair of scissors and some pens, clip up important notes…

I have some cabinet doors laying around from a friend whose husband used to work for a cabinet builder and took home the samples when they closed… so I pulled one out in a nice creamy off white, and a few items to complete the organizer.

1st: clothespins. I find them endlessly useful in my business, mostly for securing wicks, so I always have hundreds on hand. To give them a special touch I simply stamped them with my favorite botanical stamp… the result is instantly updated clothespins that don’t just look like they were glued there as an afterthought.

2nd: I needed a solution for pens/scissors… a jar seemed like the logical choice considering my affection for them, so I put on my thinking cap and remembered something I saw in a home décor shop locally recently- hose clamps being used to hold jars vertically. Which brings me to…

3rd: hose clamps. I bought two sizes, because I have some cute little votive glasses I may decide to attach at a later date, so this can hold candles as well. The larger size worked perfectly for my jar once it was tightened down. All I had to do was screw directly through the metal hose clamp into the wood cabinet. Now, this is a solid wood cabinet, I am not sure how reliable this would be with an MDF cabinet, but it’s worth a shot. Just to be safe, I also put a dab of epoxy over the screw.

I glued my clothespins on with epoxy, first in the center to hold my calendar, and around the edges to clip on the things I seem to accumulate and need on a daily basis.

The end result is a useful and (I think) cute wall organizer! I can see something like this working in a kitchen, by the phone, or for mail organization. You could even attach a phone, or paper sorter right to it. I’ll probably continue to tweek this… add more clothespins, maybe add a wire along the bottom for clipping some photos too- I’m sure it will evolve as we do- But I’m pretty happy with it!

I have a limited number of cabinets but I’m considering offering some of these in my new shop- – thoughts?


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