Live coverage of Japan

I know others have been as frustrated as me that the coverage of Japan has been quite… small… compared to the event. NHK news in Japan has a live, english stream, you can view here…

I warn you, the footage is graphic, the stories are heartbreaking…ย  and they should be seen.

A mother who has not seen her young daughter since the Tsunami.. her daughter would have been safe at school when it hit, but does not know where to go.. their home is gone and mom was evacuated 30 miles away.

A boss who watched his 50 employees flee the Tsunami, he still has not located 20 of them.

Families being reunited…

Families not. A man riding his bike around with photos of his wife…

A 60 year old man standing on the pile of rubble which was his family home for 30 years. All gone. His family is alive, but homeless and ruined.

And now… meltdowns? Rain, Snow…

I cant take my eyes off of it. I cant stop thinking about the human lives lost. Homes will be rebuilt.. aid will come…ย  but families are forever ripped apart.

If you can help – help.

If you cant – donate what you can- even if thats just your time and information on how others can help.


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