Dear UPS man… please hurry!

Wedding season is in full swing!!!

Huge congrats go to Emilie D. For Emilie we are doing 4 packs of beeswax tealights!
The gift of light to her guests…

Kudos to Courtney D, getting married in June- She is bestowing her guests with our seaglass soap favor boxes!

And last but not least, Erica E! Shes also giving her guests the seaglass soaps for her seaglass themed wedding. Ericas parents have collected seaglass and have an amazing selection, its being used as decor and these soaps compliment the event perfectly

Now, what does this have to do with the UPS man? Everything! That big brown truck full of goodies is somewhere in my town holding a case of boxes, and supplies for the soap orders. Hurry up UPS man, I’m ready to get these started for the lovely brides to be. Thats about 375 oz of soap, roughly 2000 pieces to hand pour, cut, distress, box, label, and wrap- so I am eager to get started.


2 responses to “Dear UPS man… please hurry!

  1. Hi,

    Im Shelly,

    I love the sea glass soaps- how did you make them look like real sea glass?

    I came here from youtube looking for the castile soap recipe- do you still have one?

    I really liked your video about making liquid castile soap but couldnt find the actual amounts

    of things-can you help me out-and I would love to know how to make the sea glass soaps

    too if you can help me I would really appreciate it. ( I think my daughter is going to

    announce her wedding plans soon)

    • Hi Shelly, the sea glass soaps took quite awhile to perfect… I love sharing some recipes and tips but unfortunately thats one secret I cant give away, I simply worked way too hard to get them looking so real πŸ™‚ I do offer them as wedding favors, both in bulk and packaged- because I buy all of my ingredients in bulk and make the soap generally 20 pounds or more at a time I can sell it for the price you’d likely pay for all your supplies and save you the time and stress of having to make it at home! I hope you understand, thank you

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