Our guest bathroom remodel for $200.00

I’ve been sharing small renovations we’ve done on my home, this is a small renovation we did in our guest bathroom for under $200.00, and we used a new material I’ve never worked with before… self stick vinyl tiles with GROUT! More on that later…

So, bad girl (I know) but I did not take before pictures. Picture this. OLD linoleum, faux oak cabinetry, butcher block countertop, mirror glued to wall… pretty 1980 standard! It was boring, lifeless, and not very functional. The bathroom cabinet halfway covered the furnace vent!

We went on the hunt for a cabinet that would fit, and at Lowes found a black (not my first choice but it was of nice quality and fit perfectly) cabinet, going out of stock for the bargain basement price of $99! That included the base, and top with seamless sink. Add in a faucet for 29.99 on sale and our grand total was only $130 so far.

Flooring was our next concern. We had tried using peel and stick tiles once before, and as expected they started peeling up not 6 months later. So I was wary of these new “grouted” tiles but, I have changed my mind! They were affordable, are attractive, large tiles, and with the beveled edges they are easy as pie to grout. The grout is specialty grout with some flex to it.

We learned it works best when applied very wet, and DON’T let the haze dry.. it’s very hard to scrub off after it dries and it will superficially scratch the surface, which could lead to further damage over time.

When all said and done, it looked fabulous and fresh! I sprayed a mirror I had black, to match the vanity, and I plan to find a cute bench or chair to go under the mirror eventually.  Voila! $200, brand new bathroom!


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