Making a difference one disposable at a time

I just wanted to quickly share some of the cool (relatively) new products that help me lead a less wasteful life.

First of all, reusable cups. Travel mugs have been a familiar product for many years, but a stylish new BPA free group is stepping up to the plate.

Copco is a great company with a fun line of mugs and cold drink tumblers! I have one of the 16oz Acadia Reusable To go Mug, and a 24oz Sierra cold tumbler.

Next: reusable shopping bags. So easy to get, and affordable too. You can buy them for as cheap as $1.00 each. I picked up some adorable and adorable ones at Forever 21… they dont have to be boring! I use them for everything… library books, toting packages to the post office, packing a lunch, and of course groceries…

…but I hated still using 10-15 plastic bags to package my bulk items and fruit. Etsy to the rescue… reusable produce bags!

Check these out from Etsy shop “Fabrik”

I bought the market pack, which should be enough for my regular shopping trips. Thats it plastic bags, disposable cups, and waste! You’ve been banned from my house!


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