Storage room to work room renovation

We have this fabulous closet off my sons room that is a precious 4′ 7″ wide and 14′ long. In our home of 1500 sq feet which houses not only 3 adults (my husband and I, and my brother in law in the guest room) and my two kids; but also my soap and candle making business, space is a luxury. I have to spread my business out so that there is room for everything. What was a coat closet is now my shipping closet. What was a tool closet became my “finished product” closet. A very large dresser was painted the color of our kitchen cabinets and moved into our kitchen as extra storage… its not convenient but its the best option for me at this time, as we dont have a spare room to put it ALL into.

Enter the storage closet. It had shelves prebuilt in it when we bought the house, and I always thought about knocking them out. I tend to not want to mess with things that are already there, thinking I can always reconfigure or repurpose, but these shelves were MDF and poorly assembled. With the husband and kids out of town this weekend I decided to carpe diem and get this big job over with. Here is the before.. the closet just shoved full of all our randomness.

Camping gear (headed for the shed), Halloween and christmas decor (headed for the basement), brother in law’s snowboards (going with him someday), winter coats, my show tent, luggage,  my show tables, so on and so forth.

First things first! Out comes the stuff…. then the first set of shelves on the left side of the room. I initially thought I was leaving the back shelves alone… so I shoved as much as I could onto them. Mistake… I reconsidered after I took this picture. If you’re going to do something, do it right. So, they were then emptied too.

OK! Now we’re cooking. With a few swings of the sledgehammer (which by the way is almost as tall as me, holy crapola) I had all the shelves busted out. I hauled everything out (with much anger and swearing, man MDF is heavy!) and then all that was left was washing down the walls and using some expanding foam to fill in some voids in the wall the shelves had been so charmingly covering up.

First coat of paint!

 And for the time being, I’ve temporarily moved everything back in *sigh* but I have no funds to complete the job right this moment. When I do, an 8 foot section of countertop will be on the right side of the room, the brick wall. The back wall will have a new (yay new!) stainless steel work cart.

So that’s it for now! I am still debating about the floor as well. I’ve thought about those large foam puzzle pieces, like the childrens play mats, but they are made of foam that supposedly helps with standing fatigue they are not expensive but could be slippery if wet. My other option is to simply rip out the carpet and paint the concrete floor, but I’m not sure I love that either. For now, I am going to PAINT THE CARPET! Yes.. paint, the carpet. Stripes I think.. I’ll start with a white primer, then do blue stripes. Its a very low pile industrial carpet so I dont think I’ll have a problem.

Thats it for now! Cant wait to update with the finished product!


4 responses to “Storage room to work room renovation

  1. Looking good! We have the foam interlock flooring, with an area rug (a cheapie) on top. The foam really helps with fatigue on cement floors, and insulates well, too. And it’s easy to do. We can roll up the rug and take it outside to vacuum. The cats love the rug.

    • Ooh yes the insulation factor is a bonus as well! That poor room gets sun on the brick wall almost all day long, so its quite warm in the summer, and then quite cold in the winter.. but space heaters/fans help quite a bit. I didnt think about a rug on top of the foam, thats a great idea!

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