A little “rave” about Union Station Fermentation

We did the farmers market this morning, as is tradition- the first market of the season is always SO crowded but a blast. After reading about this awesome little shop (thanks Mikaela Platter!) I had to check it out!

Last week I made two kinds of cheese… a creamy spreadabe cheese, and a firm paneer. Both are made with lemon juice, so no rennet is needed- but I’ve always wanted to make mozzarella and a few other special kinds of cheese and for those rennet is a must. I wanted to know more about tablets versus liquid, vegetable versus animal derived.. so we stopped on into Union Station Fermentation! They were very helpful, and I ultimately went with the tablets. They will last in my freezer for a very, very long time- allowing me to create at my own pace.

They also offer cheese making classes (the next one is on Friday!) and they offer beer (and wine I believe) making classes as well. They have all the supplies you could want or need right there in shop, and its conveniently located right downtown! Stop in some time if you have ever been interested in learning to make cheese, they sell kits as well which would be a lovely way to start.

I’m just dreaming of those beer making classes… how fun would that be?


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