Workroom progress

Well, its certainly not done, but its coming along! I started renovating my storage room into a functional work room last week. Here was my progress last week. The next step was rather hurried, but we needed to make it work with the time and budget I had.

So first was to install a countertop. The floor in this room is not level, it actually slants away from that right wall as much as 3″, so the countertop was installed at 36″ on the wall, making the actual height 39″, but, that turns out is quite perfect for a stool and a nice height for my arms. I tested out this height by pouring some beeswax tealights and the fatigue I felt bending over my old work table was gone. No more sore backs, or shoulders! Thank you!

Immediately I discovered a problem, however. I’m not sure how much I had been drinking when I planned the room out, but it became totally clear there was no way my chrome shelves were going to fit back against that left wall, and still leave room for me to walk and work at the countertop. Woops. So one shelf went against the back wall, and the other is in my hallway, mocking me. It will likely become a potting shelf, and my basil will be so happy to have a new home… I guess.

Now I needed to start moving things in. My husband and brother in law got the kids out of the house for two hours, which meant I needed to book it and shove everything in there as fast as possible. Its certainly not organised yet, but its coming together and things are finally in one place. Above the countertop will go two more wire shelves, thats the only solution I can come up with at this point, seeing now that there is simply not room for storage on that left wall. It might be a great place for some flat, vertical filing systems however.

I didn’t have time to paint the carpet prior to install, but I will certainly get around to it as soon as my husband has another day off, and then the anti fatigue mats will go in. Once the shelving is put up on the wall, I will have much more free countertop (and alot of the items on the countertop there in the photo have since been moved) so I will be able to really truly “spread out” a project. Photos of the finished work space will be proudly shown off at a later date, for now I’m out of money (anyone want to buy anything? that would help!) and out of time (husband has been working overtime to help us catch up after having to buy a fridge and I’m saving for some major dental work I need done, thank you timing.) But I know that having this workspace finished allows me to work more efficiently and therefore (technically) make more money. That is the theory anyways.

It has already proven itself incredibly helpful with shipping, as I was able to lock myself in there without children yelling *I want some tape! Can I cut some paper? Can I draw a picture? Can I have a box? Can I have a box? MOM can I have a box?!* and it was fabulous to have everything within arms reach instead of in this closet, that closet, and on that shelf. All. in. one. place. What could be better than that?  I still wish I had measured more properly and been able to tell myself my 18″ shelves wouldnt work with a countertop that wide, but I’ll make it work.


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