Design Dilemma! Advice gladly accepted

SO! I documented our dining room redo awhile ago (read that here!) and our kitchen redo as well (here!) and we’ve been living with both for awhile now. Our kitchen blinds were mysteriously broken (I have a few suspects) and light has just been STREAMING in through them in the evening. They get FULL West exposure so you can imagine when its 100+ outside and full afternoon/evening sun is streaming in, my kitchen gets really uncomfortable. I practically cry any time anyone wants to turn on the oven.

1. Need new curtains/blinds in kitchen, must be attractive but functional. Lined curtains would be fine but maybe not necessary. Must be able to open them in the morning though, as I love full natural light coming through them in the morning, just need to be able to close them by the afternoon. It also must not stop the swinging windows from functioning.

Our only “pop” color in the kitchen is my yellow depression glass collection which I dont *love* but wouldnt mind using as inspiration since its all over the place. The counter tops are sage/green laminate (not our choice, came with the house!) and the cabinets are a light brown/beige tan

Dining Room:

2. Our Table SUCKS! We bought this Pottery Barn table on clearance 4 years ago. I ADORE the base/legs, they are lovely… but the top has been a pain in my butt since day one. At first I loved the ridges in the top, it looked so barnwood/rustic and I adored it. I thought it was wood. Turns out, it wasnt.. and only a few weeks into owning it the top was peeling off exposing the particle board underneath. Yay. So the short term solution was to paint the top, which did make a difference for awhile but didnt solve the issue of food/glue/glitter/and everything else under the sun getting stuck in the ridges in the table (see above? ew. Thats AFTER scrubbing it with a toothbrush and even vacuuming out the ridges!) It just looks CONSTANTLY dirty. So I’ve decided we’re going to build a faux top for it, of plywood and a lip so it sets firmly over the top, but can be removed when we want to extend the table with the leaf and use a tablecloth. Now, what to paint the top?

Windows: I’d love to have light coming in through the dining room windows on the East side of the house, so we could enjoy the natural light. Currently I have lined light blue curtains on the dining room windows and they serve their purpose but they are pretty boring, so I’ve been pondering ways to re-use them.

3. Need new curtains for the dining room, or to upcycle the curtains I currently have, maybe by painting stripes on them with a pop color? I’m also considering the option of using them just on the side of the windows for looks only, and using sheers to block the view (our neighbors house is not cute, with its peeling paint and weeds!) and filter the light while still letting most of it in.

4. Considering a rug again. I had a grey rug under the table and it was just too boring and plain. It was nice to be able to vacuum under the table to catch any kid crumbs, instead of having to mop every time- but I dont know what direction to go with a rug until I’ve chosen a color to lighten the room up.

5. Paint the back of the shelves? Move my depression glass into the cases instead of my white serveware collection?

6. Paint the chairs. I always intended to, but got a bit busy and never did it…

So, opinions?
Paint colors for: Table top, Chairs
Curtains for the kitchen
Curtains for the dining room
Rug for dining room
Rug for kitchen?
Paint the back of the shelves? Cover with paper?


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