Pizza Roll Ups for the kids

I’m always looking for fun lunch ideas for my kids that aren’t COMPLETELY unhealthy but still tasty and attractive to them so I can convince them to actually refuel before returning to their summer fun. I’m also always on the search for things that travel well so my son has other options for his lunch box, and things I can quickly reheat for those of us at home during the day. With these, I’ve found something that fills both of those spots! They can be baked ahead of time and re-warmed in the oven in 3-5 minutes, or in the microwave if you so prefer! They can even be frozen and baked at a later date.

Pizza Roll ups only take me 5 minutes to throw together and 15-20 minutes to bake., if my dough is pre-prepared.

Tip: Dough freezes well! You can make a large batch (I make a double batch of pizza dough and cut into 4 equal pieces. Each piece is frozen individually in a zip top bag and defrosted as needed. Each piece makes one batch of pizza roll ups or two medium thin crust pizzas on the grill.


Roll your dough out into a big rectangle. You want to get it about 1/4″ but don’t stress about the thickness, if it’s too thin it will rip, if it’s too thick it just means its a “breadier” (is that a word? I’m going to say it is now) roll up.
Spread a thin layer of sauce (I just use crushed tomatoes) over the whole thing
Sprinkle a thin topping of mozzarella cheese (you could use any cheese you like, really) don’t use too much, however, or the roll ups bake kinda soggy. We’re talking less than 1/2 cup for the WHOLE thing.
Heres where you can get creative. My kids like simple basil ribbons and pepperoni, so I spread a layer of basil ribbons and one line of pepperoni at the bottom of the rectangle. Then I roll once, add another line, roll again, and sometimes add a third line- it depends on how big the roll is. You could use any fillings you like, these are really forgiving. I’m going to try a pesto spread with chevre cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, really as long as you roll it well and cut carefully it doesn’t matter!

You will want a very sharp NON seraded knife for cutting. Think cinnamon rolls here, you need something that can cut through the filling, so floss wont work unless you only used soft fillings, but as long as your knife is sharp enough you shouldnt have any trouble.

Lay your roll ups flat on a parchment paper lined baking sheet (we have done this on well oiled foil and while it worked, the bottoms were a bit more crispy and hard to remove) and sprinkle on some additional cheese, bake at 425* for 10-20 minutes.  Why the large range in baking time? Well, it depends on your oven and your baking surface. On our pizza stone they take more like 25 minutes, on a thin aluminum baking sheet it can take as little as 12- but you need to watch them for signs of burning on the bottom.

Perfect! Happy kids, full tummies, and I can control the portions. Because it uses so little cheese and you control the fillings you can make these to satisfy any picky eater.


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