Adventures in the desert

I just wanted to share some pretty photos from our adventures today. Our friends Mikaela, Bryan, and their lovely daughter Hunter joined us on a romp out to the desert! There is a ghost town out there (I’ve blogged about it before) but the real draw for the boys is that its a safe place to go out and do some sport shooting (no animals are harmed in our adventures!). And we got to shoot our bow and arrows a bit, so fun! On our way out there is a small farm I’ve always wanted to peek at, but we had not stopped yet- well, today was the day!

Here is Mikki standing in the house, look at the wallpaper.. someone loved this home.

As broken up as it is on the inside, the structure is totally intact. The roof looks like its brand new, the trusses are sound, the walls are well built and insulated. It could be ripped to the studs and redone on the inside- it could be lovely and loved again.

It has shade trees planted all around the home, a spring (and a giant well filled with water!)

The barn even has fencing around it, with a gate that still swings as if it were the first day it was built. Its a dream.

This truly is my dream future… a cozy farmhouse, a barn and chicken coop, a garden… this house was hand built, with love, with sweat and likely many tears- its not like there are alot of trees around here, never have been- so imagine the struggle to find enough lumber and piece it together lovingly to create this beautiful home. It was someones pride, and the walls almost radiated with joy. You’d think an abandoned home in this desolate place would feel sad or even scary but it didnt, it felt warm and happy, it put a smile on all of our faces.

I dont even know how you go about finding who owns this property, considering its location (either on, or bordering the BLM) and the fact that it doesnt have an address, or neighbors… but I’m in love.

Here are some more photos from our adventures today!



2 responses to “Adventures in the desert

    • Hi Emily, I mess with the levels after the fact, and sometimes use filters with picasa or something similar. Otherwise they are just standard digital cam pics!

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