Small Bathroom Update

The end of the summer means fall an winter is rolling around. The winter can be pretty harsh here, we’re talking COLD and sometimes snow that makes doing anything other than snuggling inside hard to do. Since we spend so much time inside in the winter, the fall tends to be when we get some small home projects done, so we can relax and enjoy – as well as be comfortable in our home during the long stretches we’re cooped up!

Project #1:

When we bought the house, we renovated the bathroom and put in a cute but budget vanity. Its been in for 3 years and while I still enjoy the look of it, its reached the end of its life. I faux finished the walls with a yellow sponge tecnique, and I liked it then but I’m sick of it now. I’m looking for a light smokey blue grey for the walls, a new vanity, and the most exciting part for me: a pretty fabulous new shower curtain.

We only have 24″ x 18″ space for a vanity in this bathroom, so our choices can be very limited but I’m a fan of this vanity I found at Home Depot.

The color works, It has a mirror with it, and we can re-use the faucet to save even more money. For under $100 for the whole combo of vanity, top, and mirror I think its worth the investment. I will find a paint color that looks nice with the wood color, and we’re in business!

The next design element thats exciting to me is the shower curtain. I am in LOVE with the IKEA “OFELIA” blankets and throws. The throw just happens to be the right size for a shower curtain, and mimics a beautiful (but completely unaffordable) shower curtain I saw a few years ago from Bed Bath and Beyond. The white ruffles are just so creamy and dreamy, fluffy and pretty… its perfect for the clean white but relaxing romantic look I am going for.

Because Ofelia blankets are kinda stretchy, I’m going to purchase a plain white fabric shower curtain and pin and sew Ofelia all around the outside, to keep it stretched and even, and to further waterproof it so the Ofelia blanket is protected. That also makes it so I dont have to worry about adding ties to the top or putting in grommets so it fits on the curtain rod.

White towels simply dont do well with two toddlers, hair dye, husbands, and dogs… so I’m thinking grey! I think the grey will not weigh the design down too much since I’ve updated the lighting and its much brighter, the walls will be lighter, the vanity will be lighter, and we actually get quite alot of beautiful natural light through our windows here in Utah in the winter. (One of the perks of living here!)

So thats about it! A simple update, I’m estimating about $200 all in all for the supplies, but I bet I can keep it under that. The biggest expenses will be the Ofelia Blanket ($19.99-29.99 depending on the size I purchase) Paint ($25.00 a gallon for Valspar) and the Vanity, Mirror combo ($99.00)

Smaller updates coming up:

The front door entry (heres my inspiration!) I’m going to use a bit less color, but I’m totally inspired by the idea!

and the coat closet by the side door entry.


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