Hats, Gloves, Boots, and Jackets- Oh MY!

Isnt she lovely? Look at this homes entry storage!

I am INSPIRED! Now, I LOVE color but this is a bit much color for my living room- however I’m mulling over some color options.

I just happen to have a few crates left over from my business displays, and I’m happy to have a use for them… but if you dont have any crates (vintage crates are harder and harder to find….) they can be picked up at JoAnns, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. They run around $10 for the large ones, but if you bring your 40% off coupon you can buy a couple over time guilt free. They are unfinished and ready to decorate.

I have some smaller crates (they call them CD/DVD boxes at the hobby stores) that I’m thinking would make perfect little places for keys, hats, wallets, and gloves. I also need to come up with some cute and creative options for hooks, as there will always be at least a few coats hung in this area- but not a ton. Most coats end up in the closet I’m about to re-do.

So thats it! Perhaps 2-3 more crates (I already have 3) some paint (I’m considering a white wash, maybe a blue tint to it) and some screws into the wall! Easy, affordable, fits my style, and creates an attractive solution to all those ugly piles of shoes and boots, gloves and hats, and other little winter tidbits!


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