City Weekly Best Of Utah 2012- WOW!


As some of you may know I have been writing for Indie Ogden for awhile now- my dear dear lovely friend Mikaela created Indie Ogden just over a year ago and we were SO honored when we came in 3’rd for best Utah blog and we also got this amazing shoutout:

Best Weber County Spotlight
Ogden might reside somewhat in the shadow of Salt Lake City, but there’s more offbeat funkiness to O-Town than meets the eye. Mikaela Shafer and Jenny Shaw, as well as a slew of local contributors, explore the unique corners of their city on this website, from local music and recreation to reviews of new restaurants and spotlights of locally owned businesses. If you want unique experiences in unique places, they know how to point you in the right direction.

But when browsing through our copy of City Weekly and gaga-ing over seeing Indie Ogden’s name in print- suddenly Mikki shouted !OHMYGODKRISTIN! and bam, there it was- SILVER FIRS FARM! I am so honored and so grateful to be in the best of Utah, and more than that- so glad that the Tears foundation is getting some more attention and hopefully, through our fundraising efforts- much needed donations so they can continue to do the amazing work they do.

Best Soap For a Cause
Silver Firs Farm
Why support a company like Ogden-based Silver Firs Farm? Because it’s local; because the products are 100 percent natural and handmade; and because the soaps and soy candles are vegan-friendly. But proprietor Kirstin Brandt gives you yet another reason: All profit from selling the products is dedicated to fundraising for a trip to the Rock & Walk, an event in Tacoma, Wash., for the TEARS Foundation’s work supporting bereaved families who have lost infants and children. You’ll feel cleaner in so many ways.

So, here is the basics… there are so so many ways to help.

#1 – Buy stuff!
Either in my ETSY shop, mentioned in the City Weekly Best of Utah Shoutout- where 100% of the proceeds go to the TEARS foundation; or
At the Indie Ogden Tears Foundation Rummage Sale- On April 21st

#2 – Advertise with – If you’d like to meet with us, email us at; or you can call me (Kristin) any time at 360-319-7432 to schedule a meeting with Mikaela and I about advertizing. 50% of the advertizing funds go to the tears foundation, and it benefits your local business as our views are almost exclusively local; they are daily visitors, and we maintain over 10,000 views a month! Read more about that here-  the best deal is the $500:Indie Ogden Supporter: 1 year of monthly social media blasts, a 125×125 ad for a year and a local spotlight post about your business. Posts are promoted heavily on all our social media outlets, promoted to many local media outlets as well as posted on tumblr, digg, pinterest, stumbleupon, reddit plus many more.  We will promote our writeup about your business monthly for the whole year!

#3 – Attend our Benefit Concert a mere $7 cover gets you into one of the best shows you’ll see all year- I’m not kidding. At the Sandtrap in Ogden on Friday May 25th; Blackwood Hymnal; Horse Bones, Jenny Shaw, Till we have faces, and Slow Motion Character are scheduled to play- we’re talking hours of amazing music- more than that we will have AMAZING raffle prizes donated from fabulous local businesses, and raffle tickets are only $1.00 for each one you’d like to enter! (No limit to how many tickets you can buy- so if you buy LOTS, your chances of winning are greater!) All proceeds go to the Tears Foundation so not only will you have a great time but you will feel great about it.

Here is everything you need to know:

OK! I’ve thrown alot of info at you- but I hope like me you see what a worthy cause the TEARS foundation is, and how much they can use our support, to keep doing the amazing things they do. They have helped THOUSANDS of families after a loss of a child, and I cant think of much more important and beautiful than that.

Thank you so much Salt Lake City Weekly for your support, it means so much to me- and I know it will mean so much to the Tears Foundation as well.



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