A Quick DIY: Makeup Storage

Makeup Storage

I’ve enrolled in a Makeup Course which will go hand in hand with my Master Esthetician schooling, and with that will come a real kit… but in the meantime, I’m always testing out new products and collecting makeup as I go. Personally, I think you can’t really have too much – but my pitiful storage in the bathroom may not agree.

sky 008

I needed a solution for my desk area where I do most of my “detailed” makeup, and something that wouldn’t clutter up the surface of the desk. To the wall! This is incredible simple, cheap, and effective storage.

sky 016

You will need:
Mason Jars
Hose clamps (in the 1 3/4″-2 3/4″ size)
Screws and wall anchors (I suggest always using anchors unless you are screwing into solid wood)
Screwdriver/screwgun, Level, so on.

sky 025sky 012
Its as easy as this: Using your level make a line, I used an old white eyeliner that I no longer wanted and drew my mine with that, it makes for easy cleanup when you’re done, just wipe it away! Measure out ever 4-6″, depending on how widely spaced you want your jars to be and drill a pilot hole, and secure an anchor. Now, just screw through the holes in the house clamp and secure it to the wall. Drop in your jar and you are finished!

sky 019

I’m currently using them to store my pencils, brushes, and mascaras/eyelash curler.

So simple, and it gets those things into a proper home, and off your counter.



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