Oh, hello again!

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It’s been awhile, right? Ok, so a year. How did that happen?! Well, it kinda went like this. Last year around this time my friend Jenny and I were getting ready to leave for Washington state for the Tears Foundation Rock and Walk, I was finishing up last minute sales, packing furiously, panicking over last minute details… For the few months before we left, all of Silver Firs Farms sales were donated to the cause, and it was a busy hectic time where we (Indie Ogden!) also threw a benefit concert, held a rummage sale, and I did as many shows and sales as I could. Mikaela, Jenny and I and our co-authors and friends at Indie Ogden had raised $2,000.00 for the walk and I put my shop in vacation mode for the trip. When we returned, I was exhausted and my supplies were completely depleted. I had used up every ounce of oils, essential oils, butters, all of my packaging.. everything. I donated every penny of the proceeds so I was left with nothing to re-start with. At the time, it was bittersweet but I made the decision to just take some time off. “Some time off” progressed and now a year has gone by.

In that year so much has happened! My youngest (the red dress there!) started Kindergarten, leaving me with free days. I spent my time writing, enjoying Ogden, having fun with my family and friends, and relaxing- but something was missing the entire time. I missed my shop, I missed my customers, and I missed creating. I found myself growing incredibly depressed. This summer, I have enrolled in a Master Esthetician course and I’m also training to be a makeup artist, and my priorities have really started to shift back to myself. I’ve really loved the fun I’ve had over the past two years but the big 30 is just around the bend and for the first time in my life I have free days and free time to start working towards my ultimate goal of being a Full service Spa and Bath & Body shop owner.  I graduate in December 2014, it feels far away but I have a long road ahead of me, so the time will be well spent and I want to share it with all of you.

Although here on the blog I will continue to share snippets of my life, my town, and feature other things of interest- Silver Firs farm will remain at its core, what it has always been. Handcrafted products, created by a dreamer with a love for all things B&B. For over 10 years I’ve been making these products (although if you count my first batch of perfume [mashed up rose leaves and pine needles in water] as my family fondly remembers, its well over 20!). I feel refreshed, renewed, and full of passion for my business again. I hope to blog more regularly, share more DIY’s and tutorials with you all, and share my progress in school while continuing to bring you the products my faithful customers have loved and used for years. I know my schooling will only improve the quality and bring a whole new dimension to my line.

I want to thank all of you who have stuck around and welcome my past customers back. It will be a slow process rebuilding but I am excited to do it and I know with my loyal friends and fans behind me I can do it.

With love, Kristin



2 responses to “Oh, hello again!

    • No! Florals and Woody/Earthy scents compliment each-other nicely! Wish rose wasnt so globbin expensive. I am only using essential oils in my line from now on out, but I cant afford certain ones (Rose is one of those!)

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