Magnet Makeup Storage DIY

makeup 2 015

Round two of easy makeup storage!  I have random eye-shadows, pallets, bronzers, and flat backed products I use really often or even daily that are best displayed flat on a surface so you can see the color at a quick glance- but space is precious in my house and I really needed to take my day to day makeup storage vertical. What to do? Magnets! Science! By simply gluing one or two magnets (depending on the size of the product) to the back, I can pop them right on and off of a magnetic surface easy-peasy.

makeup 2 003

makeup 2 005

Supplies needed:
Magnets (stronger the better, I got these at Lowes, they were under $3.00 per pack of 6 or 8)
Epoxy or strong glue
Baking sheet, or sheets, depending on the space you need (I purchased mine at the dollar tree)


Easy as one, two, three- mix up your epoxy and glue magnets onto the back of your flat backed products, I used one for smaller items and for larger heavier items like my NYX pallet I used four. These magnets are really strong but I’d prefer nothing to fall off and get ruined!

makeup 2 008

makeup 2 011

makeup 2 013


I drilled holes in the handles of my baking sheets so they could be easily screwed onto the wall, and that’s

 it! at a glance and easy to use storage for the products I use on a daily or weekly basis. I can switch them out any time, add new ones, and the other bonus is my makeup carrying case is lined with metal, so they stick to the sides and don’t shift around while traveling! Win!
makeup 2 020


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