Iwata Airbrush System and Temptu foundations

Last week my Iwata Eclipse System with Silver Jet Air Compressor arrived (I got it here on Amazon) along with set of Temptu Pro Silicon Based Foundations (12 Pack, they come in 1/4oz bottles.) and the Blush and Highlighters kit, which includes 7 bottles of varying shades, also 1/4 oz.

Because these are silicone based foundations I also ordered Iwata-Medea Airbrush Cleaner (very inexpensive) because it is best to use the right tools on a big investment like an airbrush kit. If you treat your system right, it will work better for you for years to come.

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First impressions:

The range of colors is impressive. These foundations really would work, in any combination, for any clients skin tone. By mixing two foundations in the cup of the airbrush you get flawless blending and you avoid the dreaded “too light, too dark, too yellow, too red” look where your foundation isn’t quite right. I am a blend of three.

The machine was quick to set up and use and instructions were easy to understand. It took a few swipes and sprays to get my technique down but I think this is a machine even beginners could be quite comfortable with in no time at all.

The Good:

  • This airbrush set up will work with any number of foundations, silicone or water based, as long as you clean it properly
  • The airbrush and compressor set up was easy to use and understand, user friendly
  • The foundations are of amazing quality, and the 1/4 ounce bottles are a large enough size to experiment with
  • Temptu has a RIDICULOUS amount of colors to play with, to accomplish any look you want. There are still a huge rainbow of temptu colors out there for me to buy and try.
  • My face looks FLAWLESS darling.

The Bad:

  • Expense. It was over $400 for me to get this set-up
  • The machine is slightly larger than some set ups (Not huge by any means, but not tiny), and not “light”, I wouldnt travel with it- but it would fit fine in a kit for larger jobs.
  • The foundations are $20 for 1oz bottles which means if you are spraying a lot (professional use) you are looking at an investment of $240 just to carry all 12 shades, however with time you could determine which colors are most used and carry those in full, while using the 1/4 bottles for the “once in awhile”
  • The machine is not entirely quiet- its not LOUD but I wouldnt use it in the morning when my husband is asleep, for example.
  • Airbrush makeup sticks to facial hair. Sad but true. I had to (gasp) wax my chin free of all those tiny white hairs most of us have, and if you had upper lip hairs? forgeddaboutit. You’d need to remove those first.

All in all, I adore this machine. I don’t think I would say its the best for a beginner, but it wasnt awful hard to get used to and I will have it for years to come, so I think I made a wise investment. I am really looking forward to using this in the summer for a quick spray of chilled lavender absolutes when its hot out, and I’ve even used it (just the air-flow) to quick dry my nailpolish.


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