Quick Post! Lip Balms – How, What, Where

Introducing Quick posts! For those days when I really don’t have time for an involved post but I have something I really want to tell you about. Today, Lip Balms.

Sorry for the cell phone pic, but I simply had no time to go get my camera!

Sorry for the cell phone pic, but I simply had no time to go get my camera!

Lip Balms have always been one of my most popular items at shows, but less so online. My theory is, once people smell and try them they just have to have them- and online you can never tell.
Will it be too sticky? Not sticky enough? Will I like the flavor? Well- hopefully this helps you learn a bit more about my balms and the feel of them.

My balms contain only four base ingredients – Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, and Cocoa butter (in that order). From there I add pure essential oils for flavor and Mineral Mica colorants for color.

These are older, no longer do “imitation” flavors but this gives you a good view under the lid!

Lanolin is a thick natural wax which actually is extracted from wool. Ever wonder what makes wool so waterproof? Lanolin! It has been used for centuries as a wonderful moisturizer. I use lanolin because it repels water, is thick and creamy, and has staying power on your lips.

Sweet Almond Oil is expressed from the dried kernel of the sweet almond. It has a very slight nutty taste (not detectable in lip balm) and no smell. It is light and non-greasy, making it a fabulous carrier oil. In fact, its non-greasy nature is why it is a favorite of many massage therapists!

Beeswax Our beeswax is non-bleached, US origin Beeswax. As prices rise we no longer can afford to buy it locally (full disclosure here, folks) but I assured it is of US origin, never bleached of its natural yellow color, and while it is impossible to promise Organic (a bee is a bee and flies where it wishes!) it is as pure as mother nature and the busy bees can make it, and surely a lot healthier than petroleum based products!

Cocoa Butter is a solid, chocolaty smelling butter which is so solid in its base form that I use a sharp knife to shave it down for recipes! Despite the name “butter” its texture is crumbly like a Parmesan cheese, almost, until heated to body temperature. At body temperature it begins to melt and become the creamy, wonderful moisturizer we all know it to be. I add it to my lip balms for its moisturizing properties, and the stability it gives the balms.

Feel: It is very hot in Utah in the summer and I need more “solid” ingredients so that the balms dont melt in peoples purses, but the lanolin keeps it creamy despite the “stiffer” nature of the oils and butters. Our balms go on smoothly, and last.

Flavors: I do not add sweetener to my balms, sweetener simply encourages us to lick our lips- and that is what dries them out. I use only 100% pure essential oils to flavor my balms. Because of that, you’ll never see me sell any flavors like Cucumber Melon, Cotton Candy, or Vanilla – but I can tell you with certainty that you are also never going to ingest artificial flavors or ingredients.

Colorants: I color my balms with Pure Mineral Mica colorants, they are FDA approved for use on the lips and I use only enough to give a tiny hint of shimmer, if any at all. They are all color coded but your lips will not be blue, green, or orange.

Safety: Not all essential oils are safe for all people! If you are pregnant, have a medical condition which makes you sensitive to some oils, allergies, skin conditions, or sensitivity to essential oils please check if it is safe for use prior to application. If discoloration, rash, or irritation ever occurs, discontinue use immediately. Some people are simply more sensitive to oils than others- listen to your body. Some oils produce gentle tingling (like Mint) which most people find pleasant. If you find it irritating in any way, discontinue use.

Sanitation: I sterilize all equipment prior to making a batch of lip balms, and wear gloves through the entire process.


One last “How its made”: I use clear plastic tubes and lids so you can see the product through the tube, I think its kind of fun! I fill them one at a time using a tray from a company called Plastic Tom, it makes filling hundreds of tiny tubes much easier! I make 50 balms at a time. Sometimes, I will make smaller batches- although its a lot easier doing more at once. They cool and set in the tray and then one at a time I pop them out, pop on a cap, cut out a tiny 2″ label, label them, and shrink wrap them! It is a lot of effort into one tiny little tube but thats what handmade is all about!

Buy them HERE (new listings will be up 5/20/2013).  And Woohoo! New labels!

Available Flavors:
Lemon Lemongrass
Spearmint Lavender
Siberian Fir Spearmint

Limited flavors that I make on demand: Orange Clove, Pure Lavender, Lemon Lavender, Clove


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