Temptu Airbrush Makeup, a follow up

A few weeks ago I gave you the run-down on my Temptu airbrush makeup and Iwata Airbrush system– I’ve had a few people ask how the makeup wears and how I feel about it now. I have to be honest, I’m having a hard time using anything else after getting used to this system. My regular makeup feels awful and looks awful (to me) after the luxury of airbrushing… but I don’t always have time to use the airbrush so I resort to my old ways pretty often.

My airbrushed look for the blogger meetup. Here I contoured and also used liquid blush

My airbrushed look for the blogger meetup. Here I contoured, and also used the gold highlighter from the highlight and contour set, and the pink liquid blush.

What I’ve noticed about my skin:
My skin got a little dry after a week of daily use. I upped my moisturizer use and switched to a more gentle cleansing method (Oil cleansing, which I will discuss on another post in depth..) and that solved the problem, but I think its mostly due to the fact that I ordered the silicone based foundations and they may be more drying than water based.

My breakouts have significantly decreased. I get hormonal breakouts monthly and also struggle with random pop ups here and there. Since using the airbrush foundation regularly, my breakouts are reduced. Coincidence? Maybe. But not likely.

You MUST have a totally hairless face. I had to (gasp) remove all the fine white hairs from my face. I airbrushed a friend and it picked up on hers too. Its just one of those things that must be done. Airbrushing throws teeny tiny particles at your face at a high rate of speed and it sticks to… everything. We’re talking clear/white peachfuzz- you must be more hairless than Michael Phelps at the Olympics.

So far I’ve worn the airbrush makeup to an awards ceremony, a blogger meetup, hiking, overnight (as a test, don’t do this!), On a bike ride, on a 85+* day, and on a swim.
So, How did it hold up?

Hot day: I got 6 hours of flawless finish before it started to break up a little on my face, mostly around my nose and forehead. The dry heat seemed to suck the moisture right out of it. A good base, like a tinted moisturizer or a primer might have helped this problem. I fired up the airbrush and did another quick spray to see how it layered, and it went on well- no cakey feel, so that reassured me its OK to reapply.

Awards Ceremony: I used a bit too much highlighter for this event I feel, because I detected a little shiny glow in some of the pictures. The pictures were flash in a dark room so everyone had a little, but mine was more than I tend to like. I like a matte finish unless “glowy” is the goal. It wasnt. I should have dusted some powder on, but I was in a bit of a hurry that night. Applied makeup around 3pm, looked fantastic through the whole event and removed at around 1am still looking nice.

Blogger Meetup: This time I played around with highlighting, contouring and blush and I had my most successful run yet with it. I thought it photographed nicely and I liked the look so much its even my current profile picture on facebook (Boom!)

Hiking: Another 80+* day, sweating, sun exposure… the makeup lasted through our 4+ hours of activities but needed to be touched up after.

Bike ride: Same deal as hiking, seems to deal with sweat pretty well, but not with the rubbing of my helmet- or the bridge of my nose where my sunglasses sat. Visible line in the makeup that was hard to cover up and wouldnt “wipe away” as it would with a cream based makeup.

Swim: Wow. OK it wasnt really swimming, it was a bath. But I wanted to see how it did with submerged water (underwater photoshoots anyone?) versus the pounding water of a shower. It held up pretty well, and didnt smear. With even a little rubbing it would have started to wash off but I think its suitable.

My new routine:

I wash my face, moisturize, and get dressed. After letting my moisturizer (also an SPF) sit for a minute, I spot treat my very dark spots (although you dont HAVE to but you use less makeup this way) with concealer. I blend the concealer out well, and after blending my foundation colors in the airbrush cup I give my whole face a good once-over. I have to apply second, heavier coats to my cheeks where I have some acne scarring, and on my chin, if I don’t use the concealer. If I decide to highlight or contour, I make sure to be very light handed, you can always add more but its not easy to cover “too much”.

When I’ve finished with the airbrush I sometimes go in with more blush on a brush or some bronzer, and then finish the rest of my face. I have ordered three different kinds of “setting sprays” and I will be testing them soon IN the airbrush and seeing about using them as part of my routine as well, as it is now summer here and 80*+ is the norm. I am also soon traveling to Maui so the humidity there will be a good test for this system and show me its range and limitations. For now, I’m really happy and will be testing other brands of makeup in the Iwata Airbrush soon.

Coming up soon: a drugstore BB cream/CC cream review and breakdown of cost, quality, and coverage.


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