Maui Hawaii, day one!

Maui has become a second home, Washington- Maui – Utah. Washington where I was raised, Maui where my parents live, Utah where I live. This summer, missing my parents terribly, I requested we get to come for a few weeks- and a few weeks we did! We will be here until June 24th, soaking up the sun, the culture, the food and drink, the moisture and humidity, and the family time (I missed my parents so so so very much.)
Day one of Hawaii is really more like a day of travel. Our flight out of SLC was at 11, which puts us into Seattle a bit before noon (Silly time change!) and we had 6 hours to kill until our 6:30 flight to OGG Maui Hawaii. Seatac is a great airport to kill time but not with two bored kids, so that was a bit of a challenge but we got through it with the help of Jody Bergsma “Dream Friends” Pillows and Bento boxes filled with some of our favorite Trader Joes treats. I also got through it with a Jack Daniels and Ginger Ale. That… it helped.

We landed and were greeted by my happy smiling parents, and cold drinks- and we headed straight home to Hale Guthrie! The kids wanted to swim right away, I just wanted to sleep- but we hung out for a bit. I didnt wake up until at least 9am Maui time, and I am still a bit tired but there is much to do! Day two has already begun with two HOURS of swimming in Ama and Papas pool, but soon we’ll be off to get some shopping done and I’ll be adding my tips, favorite local spots, and sharing our adventures.


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