Maui, Hawaii – Day Two

Today we stayed home almost all day, first to catch up on sleep and second to simply enjoy my parents beautiful house and pool. After two hours of lovely swimming, we took my parents car down to FoodLand for some groceries and Longs Drugs for some toiletries we didnt bother to bring. I might be crazy but it really feels like there is a Longs Drugs on every corner in Maui. A note on Maui grocery stores… Safeway can have good sales, but locally, The Times Supermarket and FoodLand are awesome. The FoodLand in Kihei is small, but it has all the basics and the local ads showed some lower prices at Foodland than Times and Safeway for some of the staples I wanted.

While we were browsing I noticed they sell spicy garlic edemame by the pound! YUM! But, being me, I decided to just buy the ingredients and head back to my parents and make it from scratch. When we are in Maui we tend to get to the beach early, and if its a day or half day trip we bring lunch with us- so I made sure we had all the ingredients we like for wraps, and my mom ahead of time hit up Costco for yummy lunch-meats and snacks the kids like.

After lunch, what else but more time in the pool- and because I love you guys, I’ll share how ridiculous this was. Its been decided underwater swimming is not an attractive thing, at least for me, and I probably shouldnt have pictures taken of me down there again. Every time I see them I laugh, but we got some cool ones of the kids, so it was worth it! this is also officially the only time anyone will see me in my swimsuit on the internet, but if we cant laugh at ourselves whats left in life 🙂

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When my parents got home from work, we headed down to Mooses for Taco Tuesday. Kalua Pig Tacos are sold individually, one of the best deals on the island and they are absolutely nommy. Its so delicious, you wont want to stop eating, but two of those bad boys and you are so stuffed you cant move. We ended the night watching a movie in the living room, with every window and door open and a gentle breeze smelling of Plumeria (My favorite), floating through. Geckos run around the walls and the kids absolutely delight in it. Every day here is relaxing, but today was a perfect calm first day to our trip. I started reading a new book, vow to finish the first tomorrow, and we fell asleep by 10pm – that almost never happens at home, although 10pm here is 2am in Utah. The plan tomorrow is to head to my favorite little fishpond on the island, Ko’ie’ie Loko Iʻa Fishpond. The fishpond is located in Kalepolepo Park, in Kihei, right next to Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Visitors Center (that’s a mouthful, right?) We generally leave for the beach no later than 8am, and spend only a few hours- its easy to come home for lunch and a  nap before heading back out on whatever adventures- but Brian really wants to go on a hike, so we may come back to let the kids do some swimming and have Brian head out on his own. He would appreciate it, I’m sure! Until tomorrow, Aloha!

My mom and kiddos at Mooses

My mom and kiddos at Mooses


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