Maui, Hawaii – Day Four & Five

We woke up on Thursday to pancakes and cuddles. Its my 9th anniversary with my darling amazing husband Brian and to celebrate my birthday, our anniversary, and Brians birthday in August my mom booked us two nights at the Grand Wailea. The Grand Wailea is, quite possibly, the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen- let alone stayed in. We waited to check in until after mom got home from work, and in the meantime we went to The Times Supermarket for some snacks to bring to the hotel. Wailea is a bit of a bubble, and prices are inflated- so instead of paying $30 each for breakfast in the morning, we’re bringing some muffins and fruit. Economy, yo! And, instead of paying $18 for a poolside cocktail (No, that’s NOT a typo) we bought a bottle of our favorite liquor for 11.99. We’ll imbibe in the room. The other rocking thing about the Times is their deli/sushi bar. Just about every deli item you could think of, along with fresh (FRESH FRESH FRESH) Sushi, in fact- they’ll re-make if you ask, to take. Cheaper per roll than you’ll pay at restaurants locally ($6.99-12.99), and absolutely delicious- its a good savings. We grabbed a few rolls to bring to the hotel, and packed some pita sandwiches. Skipping just one lunch “out” will save us a lot of scratch.

No lifejacket! Look at me go, mom!

No lifejacket! Look at me go, mom!

Our huge success of the morning was getting Siddalee to take off her life jacket in the pool! Way to go little princess!! Brian and I went out to dinner at a sushi joint next to to the hotel in the Shops at Wailea, and it was a really tasty slightly more affordable meal, so we were happy- and that night hit the pools after dark. After dark swimming is my favorite!!

They were kinda jerks at the Grand Wailea about the pool, but despite that Ama and Papa (my mom and dad) were still able to take the kids swimming on Friday. While the kids went swimming, Brian and I took off in my parents car and drove the Kahekili Highway. Starting in Kihei with some sandwiches and a drink we drove out through Lahaina (tourist trap!), and continued down the highway to the Olivine Pools. We didnt swim in the pools, due to REALLY big waves and currents, but we enjoyed the view anyways. Normally, we would turn around here and head back but since we had all day and nowhere to be we decided to keep going. People always rave about the Hana highway and how dangerous it is, well… compared to Kahekili Highway, Hana is a freaking freeway! Kahekili is one laned, with often just a tiny rocky pull-off on a cliff if traffic is coming the other way. Luckily, we passed maybe 10 cars total on the whole 2 hour drive. There are no services once you leave town, and the only store past is a few fruit stands and a beautiful gallery featuring local artists- worth a visit, but as far as services, all it has is canned soda, juice, canned coffee and some overpriced snacks (Kuakini Gallery in case you were wondering!).

The highway curves around and spits you out in Wailuku/Kahului, from there its just another few minutes back to Kihei. Someday, I want to drive the whole outer island in one day, and time lapse film it. We were so tired when we got back we just ate our grocery store sushi (delicious) in our room, took a little rest and a walk to the Shops at Wailea for ice cream cones, and went night swimming again! Our two nights at the Grand were quite relaxing and the kids didnt miss us at all! Punks. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the drive up Kahekili Highway, I took hundreds but I havent had time to edit through them yet, too much fun to be had.

Saturday we’re hiking the Twin Falls hike with my parents and the kids, Brian cant wait! He loves hiking, he loves cliff jumping, what could be better than the two!? Aloha!



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