Maui, Hawaii – Day Ten and Eleven

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a nice relaxing hang at home day. I finished reading Honolulu by Alan Brennert and just sobbed my way through it. ugly cried really. The oppression the Korean women felt, the gamble “Picture Brides” took, promised the good life in Hawaii and the disappointment most felt, arriving only to be sent to work in the cane themselves or to scrape by for the rest of their lives being treated as the lowest class… the abuse Regret/Jin (the main character) endured, the fact that the story of Joe was a true one… I ached to my core for these fictional people, based on the true stories of Hawaii and its early days of immigration. You really should read this book, whether you have any ties to Hawaii or not, it was a moving novel- although I loved Moloka’i as well, I think Honolulu appeals to a greater audience… it also makes me want to order his new book, Palisades Park, which is a New Jersey based novel, but I’m fond of his work.

Aside from that, we just made a quick trip into town for some stuff (like a new dress for me, wheeee, I needed some sleeves- the sun bothers me more than heat) and to pick up some supplies you really can only get in Kahului, like bird food and craft supplies. We swooped back home for a dinner of Kalua pig pulled pork sandwiches and some night swimming. A lovely calm day.

Thursday mom took a half day so that we could take miss Sidda to a hula lesson in Kaanapali. They are free every Thursday at 3pm at the Whalers Village Mall, on the center stage. She was concentrating so hard she looked like she was having zero fun but she burst off that stage with a huge smile on her face, she loved it!

After we went somewhere I’ve really wanted to see for awhile now, the Dragons teeth and the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is recent, but still beautiful. Imagine a lava flow, pouring slowly to the sea. At the same time, the sea – pushed by wind and tide is slamming into the shore. The result of those two forces meeting are giant upward spikes, shaped like teeth. The ferocious spray, whipping wind and pounding waves truly deserve the name Dragon. A short walk down the rough of the green off the gold course, past some sacred burial grounds, leads you to the Dragons Teeth. On rough windy sea days like today, its not safe to climb down to the teeth- but you can see them just fine from above. Keep walking out to the point and you will see the Labyrinth. We were absolutely covered in salt spray, to the point where my dress was almost crispy and my skin felt sticky but it was so beautiful we spent a good amount of time giggling and playing in the wind.

We were kinda naughty for dinner and just had some fast food burgers, noms. Simple and everyone was happy. Now we’re snuggled up watching fashion police, and early to bed! Tomorrow is Papas day off, we’ll see what adventures we have!


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