Maui, Hawaii – Day Twelve & Thirteen

Aloha Friday! Are you wearing your Aloha wear? My dad has Fridays off so after he was finished with his yard-work he took the kiddos into the pool and they had a splashing, jumping, flipping good time. There isnt much funner than a playful papa!  I don’t really have much to say about today so instead I’ll show off the digs a bit. Hale Guthrie! Who knows, maybe the rents will rent the place someday and return to the mainland? (Not so sure about that one!) but for now its home sweet (very relaxing) home.

Saturdays and Sundays are Ama’s day off so Saturday we decided to Holo Holo (Adventure, Walkabout, Drive around and see things without a plan) and mom wanted to show me a few things on my Maui trip list: Rainbow Eucalyptus, some beautiful churches, and we attempted to find Giggle Hill in Haiku (a really cool playground).

Closed :(

Closed 😦

Well, we found giggle hill but sadly, its closed! No real explanation as to why, but it was chained-link fenced off, and a big sad grumpy closed sign 😦 No worries, we powered on in search of more adventure!

Also, Horses!!

We explored the towns of Kula, Pukalani, Makawao, Haiku-Pauwela, Paia, cruised some very bumpy roads up in the forested areas of upcountry, explored the old Maui High School, and ended at the Sugar Museum.  We also explored three different churches, but those photos are coming up in another post so I’m limiting them here.

Sunday we will close out the week with a trip to “Baby Beach” in Lahaina. We like Baby Beach for a few reasons. #1, there is shade- there is a line of trees between the residential homes and the beach which provides much needed shade for my pasty white lily ass. #2, the waves are small, due to the coral acting as a break, and #3, the coral! You can see all kinds of beautiful awesome fish munching away at the coral out on the shores of baby beach. Papa bought a fishing pole, in Maui you dont need a license to fish from the beach! Wish us luck!!


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