Maui, Hawaii – Day Sixteen

La Perouse, Lah-Purr-Oose… its fun to say, no? Located in the ‘Ahihi Kina’u Natural Area Reserve, this bay is a protected by state law, that means no fishing and no collecting coral, so on… The area is covered in rough lava from the last eruption of Haleakala in 1790. King’s Highway, an ancient Hawaiian footpath, continues from the bay toward Cape Hanamanioa. It is said, at night, the restless Night Marchers roam along the hardened lava landscape in search of mischief. Word of advice: you see a night marcher, your safest bet is to strip naked and lay face down; hoping he decides to leave you be and let you live. During the day, keep your eyes peeled for the wild goats that roam the area. Goats are much less scary.

We headed out around 5pm and we were done by 6:30- its really up to you how far you walk but we didnt go terribly far, we just enjoyed  they day, and when we were done we were done! After our walk we headed to Mooses for another Taco Tuesday – and ended the evening pretty quickly after, we were all kinda tired!

We only have 4 more “whole” days left so we’re planning out whats to come, what we may have missed, so on! Adventure awaits!


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