Maui, Hawaii – Day 17 – 20, Bye Maui!

Day 17-20 we’ve been savoring every last minute of Hawaii. We’ve had breakfast at Kihei cafe, have done lots of shopping (thanks for the new clothes mom!) We’ve swam, we’ve driven the back side of the road to Hana out to the beautiful St. Josephs church (1862), we’ve simply enjoyed the wonderful time we’ve had and we’re trying to make sure we get all of our Hawaii adventure list items done. I will miss my parents and Hawaii so very much!! I’ve combined some posts because I’m at 90% storage capacity on the blog (whoops, time to delete and re-size those photos!!) and we’ve just been having so much fun I haven’t felt much like blogging, but we’re on our way to Washington Monday evening, and I don’t have wifi in the house there- posts will be a bit more infrequent until I am home in Utah around the 4th of July, when I will re-launch my shop!

Kihei cafe was delicious- I ordered the eggs Benedict and I wasn’t disappointed, in fact I couldn’t even finish it the portions were so generous, even though it was delicious so I really wanted to.

Our drive to the back side of the road to hana was lovely, this is the less traversed side- and my favorite church in Maui is out there.

You can view the photos here , my silly blog is almost all out of space! So we have to do things this way.

Leaving was heartbreaking. My mom cried, I cried, my kids cried… but we had an amazing time. Some goodbye photos…


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