About Us

☼ Welcome to Silver Firs Farm ☼

Everything at Silver Firs Farm is handmade from scratch. Our soaps are made in Cold Process, Hot Process, and French Milled. Silver Firs Farm is vegan friendly – we use no animal based fats in our soaps, and all products containing lanolin and beeswax are clearly labeled .

You can read more about our ingredients and processes here. 

We are dedicated to giving you the best, and strive to create new, fresh, fabulous products all the time.

About ME!

My name is Kristin Brandt and I am a Master Esthetician student, Makeup Artist, and I love handmade soap. I love to experiment with it, test new techniques, new fragrance blends, new oils… all to create that perfect bar of soap. Soap and candle making is my passion, and I hope to one day open our own brick & mortar Spa and candle shop that sells TRULY handmade, fresh, quality products! Here on Silver Firs Farm Blog you will find recipes and tutorials, makeup tips and reviews, and learn more about me and my products!
Everything I sell is made from love and care, I take safety as my number one priority. I also take pride in making soap that I KNOW is superior to any drugstore detergent bar. If you haven’t given handmade soap a try, now is the time. I promise you wont want to go back!

Silver Firs Farm

There is a place on earth where the snow is blinding white and fell silently in vast fields of emerald green trees.
Where summers were warm, shoulders tanned brown, and noses freckled just so.
Where the smells of a farm mingled with a faint ocean breeze and the delightful sounds of new life were everywhere.
Where fall storms would blow warm winds, whipping into the branches – and flashes of lightning would light up the skies.
Where tulips and daffodils bloomed through the frost and acres of lush green greeted you in the spring.

This place was magic. This place was Silver Firs Farm. A 5 acre slice of heaven with cows, goats, chickens, and rows of frost kissed Christmas trees. This was my childhood; blessed with the riches of nature. Now I can bring that nature to you in the form of luxurious soaps and beautiful beeswax candles.


29 responses to “About Us

  1. I tried your liquid castille soap and Its turned out completely wrong for me.
    I made the batch and put the distilled water in it but realised after that it wasn’t boiled and it was supposed to be according to the recipe, and the whole batch isn’t dissolving more than 48 hours later.
    Is there some way to salvage this?
    Please help

    • Hi Andrea, sorry I didnt get this sooner, I’ve had company.
      you can heat the entire batch, water and all, in a double boiler type setup or a crock pot on low… it will take awhile, and you might have to do it in two batches since the whole recipe wont fit into a crock, but that should help. Heating the soap (gently) and slowly, will bring it into a liquid state. You can add a bit more water too, but be cautious because you have to remember that you will not be able to fully gauge the thickness until some has fully cooled (you can cool some in a small cup to test!)
      Good luck!

  2. HELP! I don’t know what I did wrong but I really messed it up.

    I’m trying to make liquid soap. I measured everything on my kitchen scale. It’s not a digital scale. Maybe that was the problem. I used all coconut oil, unrefined, organic… I melted it, put the water/KOH mixture in it… and used my stick blender for 5 minutes. It was getting REALLY thick. I gave my blender a break, went to the bathroom, and came back to a SOLID congealed, white mess. It looks like a giant round bar of Ivory soap.

    Okay… trying not to panic… I mixed it up, put the lid on, and now I’m going to give it a stir every 15 minutes. I’m hoping I can save it. When I washed my stick blender, it smelled like Ivory soap.

    Any advice??? Can I save this??? It’s a big congealed mess and it’s only be a total of 30 minutes.

      • It loosened a little. I kept going forward and left it in the crock on low for four hours, stirring every 30 minutes. It actually did get translucent. I poured the boiling distilled water on it last night and this morning, only half of it had dissolved. I put it on low/med heat for a few hours and it’s now all dissolved. It’s clear-milky, but since the coconut oil was white instead of the golden olive oil hue, I expected that.

        Right now, it’s cooling from the re-melting process. It’s developing a skin on it and I was just looking online to see what to do about that.

        Thanks for getting back to me. This is my first soap attempt ever. I ordered a book on making cold pressed soaps and I’m excitedly awaiting it’s arrival. Two of my children and myself are allergic to the world and this is one more way to get some chemicals out.

  3. Wow! It worked! I don’t know how to send you a picture but mine looks just like yours except it’s not golden because of the base oils. I’m so excited! I’m going to do this again… with your exact recipe and a digital scale. Thanks!

    • Great!! Did you re-calculate the SAP levels for coconut oil? For all coconut you could do a 7-10% superfat… this is a 7%

      Pounds Ounces Grams
      Water- 1.838 29.4 833.475
      Lye – KOH 0.627 10.04 284.584
      Coconut – 2.625 42 1190.679

      Congrats on your first batch of soap Lori! Its so addictive. I’m going to work on a laundry soap bar when I get back home from my vacation in a week or so, and it will be a cold process soap tutorial using only lard and coconut oils, so check back for that if you would like to see that process!

  4. Me again… sorry!

    My soap is great but it’s really thin. Is there something I can do to make it thicker?

    • Hi Lori, Crothix is a liquid thickener, I’ve purchased it from thesage.com. There are usage instructions on the sage website (on the catalog), generally what I will do is if I need to use crothix I will warm some in the microwave with some soap and then incorporate it back into the whole batch.

      Borax can also be used as a neutralizer (if your soap feels too drying) and will thicken the soap some.

      Last option is to bring it all to a boil, then simmer for some time to reduce the water content.

  5. Hello,
    Would like to make jello soap and was wondering – after it has set should
    it be kept in the refrigerator or the shower?

    • Hi Judy, I keep the extras in the fridge and then bring them out as needed, so making them in the mini soap molds works best, that way there is no waste. Hope that helps!

  6. Please contact me ASAP. Interested in using your product and need more information on what you have available immediately. Unique opportunity and excited to share.

    Stephanie Christensen @ Maggie Sottero in SLC, UT. 801-974-1803.
    Thank you so much! ~ Stephanie

  7. I visited this site after on YouTube you promised for ingredients for the liquid soap. I have checked as ingredients or soap but nothing was there. Could you please send me your recipe for the soap? Thank you.
    Best, Nora

  8. I found your site when I googled “Liquid castile soap.” That took me to your video and this link, but I cannot for the life of me find a search button or any link to your liquid castile soap recipe. I would love to try it, if you can point me to it, please.

  9. Im trying the liquid castile soap as I write this. So far so good, except that within the first 15 min. of stick blending it became very thick. My crock is old and on low setting. It is getting translucent and its been 3 hrs. Can’t wait for the finished product!! Your tutorial is excellent and I think Im truly addicted to all DIY products!!!

  10. Do you have to use borax to neutralize? Also, can you use xatham gum to thicken the liquid soap? Thank you

  11. (I have lots of questions…) I am interested in borax and the necessity of neutralizing…. I have JUST started making liquid soap and I don’t want to get into bad habits!! I don’t really want to use Borax, it doesn’t seem that gentle and natural. Another tutorial, seemed to insist that neutralization was needed, as well as a sugar solution??? Also, the same tutorial said that it you could package up the soap as soon as it cooled and safely use it?? Is that the difference in the neutralization?
    I see you have not been on your site in a while…hoping you get back here soon…

    • Hi Tami- I’m sorry no I havent been back much, I am a full time college student, mom, and write for a popular local blog so I dont stop back here often. To answer your questions- NO, I do not use borax or believe its needed. If your recipe is properly calculated you should not need neutralization for your liquid soap.

  12. Hi, I’d like to try this. Can I use all olive oil and keep the rest of the ingredients/measures the same or does some of it change because of it all being olive oil?

  13. Hello. I came across your blog doing research because I’m considering starting a small business making mineral based makeups and am looking at what other farms and people are doing out there. I just wanted to say I like your blog. It has lots of good info. Keep up the good work.

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